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Beverly Hills Girls High School is proud of its commitment to the professional growth of all staff to ensure that quality teaching and improved student learning is evident in all facets of our teaching practice. As a reflection of our belief in public education and a genuine commitment to sharing our learning with others, this website offers examples of our professional learning and evidence-based quality teaching resources to other teachers. These resources have been developed over time to support teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Please take advantage of our offer by using any of the available resources. If you would like further information or support please contact the school.

Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

Assessment for Learning PD

Assessment for Learning resources

Effective Feedback PD

Effective Feedback

Audit Classroom Questioning

Reciprocal teaching Team Learning Meetings

Summative Assessment task template

Integrating ICT in an Assessment Task

Student Survey on Assessment and Feedback Practices

Report Writing for Parents

Lesson Improvement Template

Backward mapping template

Developing and Evaluating a Unit of Work

The Super 6 reading Strategies – a description

The Super 6 Strategies Poster

Teaching Comprehension (DEC)

Teaching Writing Strategies

Writing Right – a Student Booklet

Teaching Literacy Through ICT

Teaching Numeracy Through ICT

Teaching the ESL Learner PD

Teaching ESl Learners Strategies

Designing ESL Friendly Learning Resources

Leading for School Improvement

Leading and Managing an Innovative Faculty Support Document

School Evaluation Survey

Student Engagement and Attainment Survey

ICT Faculty Audit

Faculty Reflection proforma

Classroom Walkthroughs

Quality teaching and Learning Professional Development

Teacher Mentors PD

Self-reflection Tool using the Australian Standards

Career development and Professional Growth

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Effective Professional Experience

Framework for Career progression

Tars Proforma linked to the Australian Standards

A Guide to Accreditation Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher PD

Developing the Evidence for Accreditation Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher PD

Applying for Classroom Positions

Applying for Promotion

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