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Aboriginal education

In Aboriginal Education Beverly Hills Girls High School is focused on consolidating and improving on existing educational outcomes for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at our school. This includes specifically improving retention and academic results from Year 7 through to Year 12. Further, Beverly Hills Girls High School focusses on increasing knowledge of all students of Aboriginal Australia understanding that Aboriginal communities are the custodians of knowledge about their own cultures and history. Aboriginal students are entitled to feel safe and secure in expressing and developing their own identity as Aboriginal people within schools and wider society. Aboriginal students are entitled to participate in a system which is free of racism and prejudice.

Further, Beverly Hills Girls High School in conjunction with Aboriginal students’ parents and relevant Aboriginal community groups provides support for our Aboriginal students. Aboriginal students at have their own Individual Learning Plan developed in consultation with parents. Members of staff act as Aboriginal Student Mentors to support, advise and assist Aboriginal students in aspects of their learning and schooling in general. Aboriginal students from Beverly Hills Girls High regularly participate in district and statewide forums and projects for Aboriginal students.