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Student welfare


At BGHS we seek to provide quality education for all students, taking into account their age, background, ability and interests. In the context of Student Welfare, the policies and programs help students to become self directed, lifelong learners who can create a positive future for themselves, and for the wider community. Student Welfare is enhanced when all members of the school community participate in the learning programs and the life of the school.

We pride ourselves as a school that is responsive to students’ needs and have a whole school approach to optimising student well being, and consequently experiencing lower levels of bullying. Our programmes are based on the “National Safe Schools and Framework” where schools are safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities that promote student well being.

The key themes which underpin this Welfare Policy include the concept of Mutual Respect based on each students understanding that they have choices of action and that there are consequences for these choices. The positive results of good choices are rewarded for effort and achievement.


School Welfare deals with the care and well- being of all students. To enhance effective teaching,  learning, and to provide a positive climate with good discipline, the welfare network provides an extensive range of programs which provide opportunities for all students to develop the skills necessary for positive relationships, social responsibility, problem solving and dispute resolution.  Some of these allow students to demonstrate success in a wide range of activities:

  • Anti Bullying programs (“The Hurting Game”)
  • Study Skills presentation years 10,11, and 12
  • Fresh Ed Talks(skin & sun care, team nutrition, hygiene and personal grooming)
  • Peer Support for year 7
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Motivational Media presentations
  • Well-Being personal programs for year 11
  • Police Talks Years 7-12 (Cyber Crime, Bullying & Harassment; Safe Partying, Drugs & Alcohol; Young Offenders Act, Stalking and Harassment).
  • Meritorious Excursions years 7-11

Students are monitored with fortnightly meetings of the welfare team who are equipped with the latest professional development obtained at their Yearly Welfare Conference.