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We are a dedicated faculty with a passion for History

Our students study history and historical narratives in different topics in order to become competent communicators, able to interpret information and express ideas in written and oral forms.

The History Faculty offers the following courses of study: Mandatory History 7-10, Elective History 9-10 (100 hours and 200 hours), Ancient History, Modern History and Extension History.

Our Elective History topics are by far the most popular with students and can be studied over different semesters due to the unique UVISS system within the school.

We teach problem solving skills, critical reasoning, creative thinking, research skills, teamwork, time management, ICT skills, persuasive oral and writing communication skills, students are able to present and formulate logical arguments, teamwork and making sense of large volumes of data. These are the skills employers look for; these are the skills History teaches. Our faculty is committed to supporting students to be 21st Century thinkers.

In History students are involved in various activities including:

  • HSC Lectures
  • Excursions
  • Shows and Historical Presentations (school/external)
  • ANZAC Day Celebrations
  • Debates (in-class)
  • Historical Investigations
  • Remembrance Day
  • Australian History Competition
  • The Medieval Show & Battle
  • Talks/lectures from external professionals
  • Australian War Memorial Boxes (viewing of primary sources in class)
  • Work on-line on Edmodo – delivery of lessons and assessments