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Each year, the school participates in the NAPLAN testing of Year 7 and Year 9 students. Data gained through  NAPLAN testing informs our strategic directions in whole-school literacy and numeracy planning. NAPLAN, and other school-based data, is also used to identify students who are in need of additional learning support.

During the latter weeks of Term 1 and the weeks immediately prior to NAPLAN, all Year 7 and Year 9 students participate in a NAPLAN Preparation program whereby specific literacy or numeracy skills are practised on a daily basis.

Resources developed by the school’s literacy and numeracy teams are utilised throughout the year as a means to providing ongoing support for all in these key areas.

An explicit and comprehensive tutorial program in literacy and numeracy is provided for targeted Year 8 students (based on their Year 7 NAPLAN results) in the latter weeks of Term 4 each year. This, along with the whole-school NAPLAN Preparation program in the following year, is a significant opportunity to build the confidence and skills of our Year 9 students prior to their NAPLAN test in Term 2.