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At Beverly Hills Girls High School, we prioritise adherence to our school uniform policy and are dedicated to upholding high standards of compliance.

Our uniform, collaboratively developed with input from students, staff, and parents, caters to the needs of our diverse school community while promoting students' identity, health, and safety.

Designed to be affordable, comfortable, and easy to maintain, our uniform is crafted from practical fabrics suitable for various school activities. Ensuring appropriate footwear is essential for student safety; thus, black, leather, fully enclosed school shoes are required.

We actively monitor uniform compliance and include reports on adherence in students' school reports to encourage consistency.

Unless specified otherwise, students must wear the complete school uniform:

During school hours

·       While commuting to and from school

·       When representing the school at events, excursions, or sports carnivals

This requirement serves several purposes:

·       Fosters a sense of identity and pride within the Beverly Hills Girls High School community

·       Enhances student safety by easily identifying visitors on campus

·       Ensures equity by applying the same dress code to all students

·       Provides a safe and suitable attire for various school activities

·       Offers an economical option for families to outfit their children for school.


Research has shown that wearing school uniforms offers numerous benefits, including:

·       Establishing a recognisable identity for the school within the local community.

·       Fostering a sense of belonging among students to the school community.

·       Creating opportunities to cultivate school spirit.

·       Enhancing the health and safety of students during school activities.

·       Promoting inclusivity, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity.

·       Reinforcing the perception of the school as a structured and secure environment.

·       Improving personal safety for students and staff by facilitating the identification of visitors and potential intruders.

·       Cultivating positive community perceptions of public education.

·       Making school attire more affordable for families by reducing the pressure to wear expensive and transiently fashionable clothing.

For more detailed information on our school uniform policy, please click here.


There is a Uniform Shop on the school site. Uniform shop open every Friday 8:15 am to 3:15 pm

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