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High Potential and Gifted Education

Our High Potential and Gifted Education initiatives identify and nurture the development of our most capable students’ unique gifts as per the DoE High Potential and Gifted Education Policy.

Our unique curriculum structure, ASPIRE (unitised vertically integrated semesterised system) allows for integrated enrichment Units, such as the High Potential and Gifted classes and our unique Literacy and Numeracy classes - LearNing Matters (in both Stage 4 and Stage 6) to be timetabled and catered to the individual needs of our students.

Aspire, provides a challenging curriculum, allowing for acceleration of our high potential students, with the view to completing the HSC at the highest level, one year ahead of their cohort.

Our process of enrolment allows for Year 6 students to express an interest in sitting for the High Potential and Gifted Test in Term 4. The results of this test helps us create one class in Year 7, specifically for students who have been identified through multiple criteria as high potential or gifted in a range of domains. These classes provide a range of enrichment activities designed to support our students make deeper connections with their learning as they enhance their critical thinking and creative skills. Students in both the Year 7 and Year 8 High Potential and Gifted class complete cross KLA projects, drawing from the skills achieved in Mathematics, English and Science to individually and collaboratively complete tasks.

Entry to the Year 8 High Potential and Gifted class is based on the academic performance of students during Year 7.

We offer cross-KLA STEAM classes in Stage 5 for identified High Potential and Gifted students, designed to extend their critical thinking, analytical and communication skills as they focus on real world applications. As we aim to further motivate our High Potential and Gifted students to continue their education in the disciplines of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and the Arts, we partner with Universities to offer our students opportunities to engage in STEAM programs provided by our University partners.

From Semester 2 in Year 7 and, through to the end of Year 10, strong academic performers in English, Mathematics and Science are grouped together in Advanced classes.

Enrichment programs in debating, public speaking, student leadership build the confidence and capacity of our High Potential and Gifted students, while talents in the area of music and dance frequently culminate in student selection for regional or state talent advancement programs.

Our teachers are committed to the growth of our students and quality teaching and learning. They are experts in their respective disciplines and, work collaboratively across KLAs to develop and implement strategies that will best extend our learners.