Beverly Hills Girls High School

Be Somebody

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Principal's message

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with Beverly Hills Girls High School. Our goal is to create an informative website that provides the latest information about our school and community.

As the principal, I am honoured to lead a dynamic, caring, and effective institution like Beverly Hills Girls High School. Our school offers a wide range of opportunities for our students to explore their interests and pursue various endeavours.

We firmly believe in the capabilities of women and are dedicated to supporting each student in developing critical thinking skills, engaging in meaningful learning experiences, and making connections.

Beverly Hills Girls High School boasts a rich history and a proud tradition. Our recent 60th Anniversary celebrations emphasized the significant and special role our school has played in the lives of many students.

Now, what sets us apart as a high-performing school?

At Beverly Hills Girls High School, we place a strong emphasis on addressing the unique needs of each student. We cultivate a culture of high expectations, not only for student achievement but also for the performance of our dedicated teachers and staff members. Our planning is driven by a commitment to success, with a firm belief that diligent effort is essential to achieving it. Our ultimate aim is to equip our students with the necessary skills and mindset to become somebody exceptional in their future endeavours.

We prioritize creating a harmonious, tolerant, and supportive learning environment. Our staff and students work diligently to maintain this atmosphere, built upon mutual respect and trust. We genuinely care about one another.

We consider ourselves a socially responsible school, recognizing our vital role within the local community and the broader public education system. We are committed to ensuring the strength of both.

Talent flourishes within our school. We are enthusiastic about nurturing talent in various areas, be it the performing arts, debating, sports, visual and creative arts, student leadership, or academic excellence. We strive to identify, develop, and acknowledge the talents and achievements of our students.

We take great pride in the exceptional success of our students across a diverse range of academic and extracurricular pursuits. However, we also recognize that success is personal and relative, and it may not always be represented by a first-place finish, media coverage, or an award. We work closely with each student to help them realize their potential. Their success holds immense significance to us.

Leading a large and bustling high school comes with its challenges. However, I have unwavering confidence in our ability to provide our students with invaluable learning experiences and opportunities. These experiences will instil in them the belief that "Women can do anything" and empower them to strive towards becoming somebody remarkable in the future.


Ms. Maria Iemma