Beverly Hills Girls High School

Be Somebody

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Principal's message

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about Beverly Hills Girls High School. Our aim is to make this website a ready source of the latest information about our school and our community.

As principal, it is my privilege to lead a dynamic, caring, responsive and effective school such as Beverly Hills Girls High School. It really does provide an enormous scope of opportunity for our students in a wide range of interests and endeavours.

We believe that Women can do anything, and we will support every student to be somebody who thinks critically, engages with learning and makes connections.

Beverly Hills Girls High School has a long history and a proud tradition. Our recent 60th Anniversary celebrations highlighted just how special and significant enrolment at our school has been for many students.

So, what makes us a high performing school?

We are a school that puts the needs of individual students at the core of our planning. There is a culture of high expectations for the achievement of our students and the performance of our staff – both teaching and non-teaching. We plan for success and strive hard to achieve it.

Ours is a harmonious, tolerant and supportive learning environment and we, our staff and students, work hard to keep it that way.

People like being here. Staff and students have strong and productive relationships built upon RESPECT and TRUST. We care about each other.

We are a school with a social conscience and we understand our important place in the local community, and as a school within the public education system. We are committed to making sure both remain strong.

Talent shines through. We are excited to support talent development in whatever area it may arise; performing arts, debating, sport, visual and creative arts, student leadership or academic excellence. We strive to recognise, develop and acknowledge the talents and achievements of our students.

We rejoice in the extraordinary success of our students in a whole array of academic and extracurricular pursuits. At the same time, though, we acknowledge that success is personal and relative and may not always be represented by a first place or a media story or an award. We work with every student to help them achieve their potential. Their success matters to us.

Leadership of a large and busy high school is a challenging and demanding role. However, I am confident we have many of the essential attributes in place to offer our students experiences and opportunities in learning that will equip them for leading happy, successful and fulfilling lives in the 21st Century.


Ms. Maria Iemma