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Personal development, health and physical education

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10.

According to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), students are expected to participate in PDHPE for 300 hours per year in Years 7 to 10.

PDHPE provides students with opportunities to explore issues that are likely to impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others – now and in the future. Students also participate in challenging and enjoyable physical activity, improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) is an integrated area of study that for the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It involves students learning about and practicing ways of maintaining active, healthy lifestyles and improving their health status. It is also concerned with scientific understandings about movement, which lead to enhanced movement potential and appreciation of movement in their lives.  It should be the goal of every individual to lead a fulfilled life that is active and healthy. We provide a number of areas of study that allow students to develop this appreciation for a healthy and active lifestyle, including compulsory 7-10 PDHPE, integrated sport, recreational sport, grade sport, First Aid, Physical Activity and Sport Studies, Sports Leadership.

To ensure maximum learning potential and enjoyment a number of learning activities are organised for PDHPE students, including annual senior PDHPE camp and junior PASS camp. Students have the opportunity to complete a first aid and CPR course through First Aid electives. Sport Leadership students work with local primary schools planning and delivering sport and physical education lessons to primary school students. Lessons are catered for student needs and interests and are not merely soccer or basketball lessons. Students are exposed to a variety of important life skills and have the opportunity to participate in team games, sports, water safety courses, dance, yoga and stress management techniques to name a few.PDHPE is for everyone regardless of your skill level.