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Gifted and talented

Identifying and nurturing the development of our most capable students is a school priority.

From semester 2 in Year 7 and through to the end of Year 10, strong academic performers in English, mathematics and science are grouped together in Advanced classes.

Across the curriculum, our most talented students are targeted for acceleration with a view to completing the HSC at the highest level, one year ahead of their cohort. The flexible junior curriculum structure allows for this individualised approach to student learning.

Enrichment programs in debating and public speaking build the confidence and capacity of interested students, while talents in the area of music and dance frequently culminate in student selection for regional or state talent advancement programs, including participation in events such as Schools Spectacular.

A cross-KLA unit of study in Stage 5 for identified Gifted and Talented students hones their critical thinking, analytical and communication skills within a framework of 21st century learning.

Our students are encouraged and challenged to participate in a wide range of state, national and international competitions that specifically target students with higher order skills and abilities.